~Breakfast and Birthdays~!

The school year is winding down day by day. True excitement coupled with fatigue, is in the air. As educators, we all know what the end of the year can bring! In the spirit of always trying to be a positive leader, morale booster, and support system, I often think about what are the gestures, albeit grand or small, that you can do to keep students and teachers smiling until summer! For me I live by, it’s not over until it’s OVER, so fight to the finish line…finish strong!! You owe it to yourself….

As a true believer and builder of school culture, I fully understand that you have to keep everyone accountable, especially during this time. Students are told to behave, and teachers are ask to teach until the end. That is hard. The burn out rate at this time of the year is high, and everyone is drained, yet we have to press onward!

So how do YOU keep spirits lifted, happy, and engaged? What are things you can do in order to show you care and are thinking about everyone? Well, I have a couple of answers to that: BREAKFAST AND BIRTHDAYS! I know, I know…doesn’t sound like rocket science or even award-winning. Though simple and trivial, it tends to work. A few things that I always say makes teachers smile are:

  1. The gift of time
  2. Eating (rather it is a sweet treat, breakfast, snacks, and MINUS children)
  3. Jeans 
  4. Administrators that show they care and support them 

This week happens to be National Teacher Appreciation Week. Though the internet says it is this week or next, we took this one. Educators should be celebrated daily, so either way it is fitting! It is THEE hardest working job in the land, and the job that creates all other jobs. They should be honored, and have love showered upon them for the constant day in and day out hard work of educating our youth of today. It’s not easy. That’s to say the least…

I am always ready and willing to celebrate educators! As an Admin Team we wanted to come up with sweet and thoughtful ideas for this week to show our teachers how much we care about them. I live and rest on the fact that if you have happy teachers they are teaching students…HAPPILY! 🙂 Each day we did something to show our teachers how much we love and appreciate them for their above and beyond hard work.

For students, they love to celebrate and LOVE sweet treats. Monthly, we provide birthday magnets, a school spirit wear day, and birthday cake during lunch! They love it, as you could imagine. This week, for our May/June birthdays (last up to celebrate for the school year), we all gathered for our Monday Morning Meet-Up…(another post to come on that, stay tuned!) and danced to ‘Celebrate Good Times, C’MON!’ Each student is called up and recognized for their birthday! We then had cake the next day and enjoyed ourselves together. 

In the end, school is still rolling on until, for us, May 26. It is very close, but yet still far away. I have a couple more ‘tricks’ up my sleeves for fun before then; but otherwise and in the meantime, we’ll just…



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