Diversity is Good.

…So my monthly blog alert warning went off 2 days ago, as I committed to achieving my goal of blogging once a month! Though the balancing act of being a full-time Dean of Middle School students, coupled with a full-time pursuit of a doctoral student continues, it feels promising that I can attempt to revive Meeting of the Minds monthly…so here goes nothing!

Ah as the fall air, season, and fashion begins to settle in (my favorite time of the year), I can’t help that the bright and beautiful world of education continues to change right along with the seasons. Our world as we know it, has so much going on…yet we still want our students to experience the best it has to offer, despite of what the media and background noise may be going on around them.

This past week at our school we had a Cultural Awareness Assembly. I always think about no matter who or where you are, this can be quite a tough subject to tackle; especially with students. This week as well happened to be Homecoming Week at our school, and we spent each day celebrating such Mustang pride leading up to the BIG GAME Friday night. On the same day as our assembly, I couldn’t help but notice that it was CraZy Sock Day. As everyone came in showing off their ‘cool’ and swagged out socks, everyone was in celebration and had no judgment of the different colors (and there were LOTS!), shapes, sizes, designs, or even logo of the sock. There was high energy of sock diversity!

However, I noticed, and it made me think about, that when we shortly later on that morning gathered in the gym, grades 5-8, to talk about diversity, there was a different vibe in the room..not bad, just different. We had a guest speaker name D.J. Coleman who truly was inspirational, and simply stated…DIVERSITY IS GOOD. I felt like it was an understandable and easy message for students of this age. While I don’t know if they really and truly understood what diversity was and all it includes (not just race of black and white), they knew regardless that whatever it was, he said it was good. 

All and all, my wish for everyone listening was to understand that diversity has a close connection to the socks they wore to school that day..different sizes, colors, beliefs, life stories, life styles, designs, and walking different paths of life.

If we all could just be like the socks, wear a pair…embrace diversity and walk around this world not assuming, prejudging, or not getting to know someone different from us…but instead taking on the challenge of widening our ‘friendship circle’ to include everyone with different “socks,” that truly is a step in the right direction…

STAY TUNED! ….More to come next month! (Hopefully:)




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