~Blogger Challenge Comes to an End~


I must say that I have had a great time writing and reflecting over the past 10 days! It has truly allowed me to stop and engage in intentional writing, that I know colleagues and the outside world could see. I’ve been able to think about creative ideas, and what I wanted to say that was of value, importance, or simply someone out there would want to read…

Though I struggled some days to come up with topics, or along with my homework, still working over the summer,  and paper writing, didn’t want to make more work for myself; it was often times therapeutic and exciting to blog.

I enjoyed reading and commenting on my fellow bloggers posts! I felt closer to their passions and interests, therefore, I am very excited to continue to follow their blogs.

I can’t make any promises that I can keep it up at this rate, but it definitely got me going! I have a feeling another blogger challenge will come along, and I look forward to possibly taking it on again. I hope to be inspired and make time to blog in between time.

Thank you to anyone and everyone who read Meeting of the Minds! Stay tuned for some more exciting posts in the future.

Blog on friends!


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