~Doctoral DNA~



Currently I am in pursuit of becoming a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership at Grand Canyon University, located in Phoenix, AZ. While I fell in love with more than just the fact that this university’s colors are purple and white, (my favorite color!) I was captivated by their strong online programming and Christian values. At times I grow very weary and tired balancing this on top of a full work load and home life. But, this long and hard journey to becoming a doctor in my field, is nothing short of amazing. 

I never thought I would be one to enjoy online classes, and not being in a physical classroom. However, this is THEE BEST approach to my learning these days based on my very full and busy schedule. It helps  too that Arizona is in another time zone, which always gives me into the ‘wee hours of the morning’ to get my tons and tons of research completed and turned in on time. Although I took a year off when I was blessed with the great new position as Dean of Students (wanted to take time to fully commit to my new role), I understand that it would put me a year behind…however I knew I had to do what was best for me.

My program is based on some strong and very appealing design principles of education:

Program Design Principles

  • Scaffolded curriculum with embedded research skills to support the formation of scholar-practitioners.
  • Integrated dissertation process encourages the scholarly integration of knowledge, research skills and practice.
  • Systematic feedback to achieve dissertation milestones and programmatic competencies.
  • Value-based, transparent curriculum supports the growth of ethical leaders and researchers.
  • Reflective learning structure encourages the development of critical thinking and scholarly reasoning.
  • Innovative Doctoral Community (DC) which engages learners and faculty in collaborative scholarship and collegial development.

The ‘cliff notes version’ of my dissertation as I like to call it, embodies the research of how African-American girls find their voice of leadership from childhood to adulthood. 

In case you are interested, the complete doctoral program set up in it’s entirety is mapped out here through the Doctoral DNA: 

GCU Doctoral DNA

Dissertation Lifecycle


Though some times I feel like it will NEVER end, I am yet and still staying the course…

Don’t ever give up on your dreams! I hope and pray I’ll be ‘Dr. Mines’ before I know it.


2 thoughts on “~Doctoral DNA~

  1. Stay the course!!!! It is quite an accomplishment even if no one calls you by your title!!!. Inside you will know how hard you worked and what you sacrificed and in the end that is all that really matters. Trust me on this.

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