Calling All Makers!

Today was truly a great day to learn and play with our Middle School faculty. How cool is it to gather a team of educators on a Monday afternoon in the summer to ‘tinker?’  Lead by one of our dynamic MS colleagues, Amy Wilkes, she brought us all together for a fun time! Exercising one of our School norms of ‘start with questions’, she simply asked us…

What inspires you? 

I instantly went to my FAITH, and how it truly inspires me to be who and what I am, as well as strive to be, daily. Faith really is the key that ignites all passion for me. I really enjoyed this afternoon together, and look forward to our students discovering their passions and beyond in Studio(i) this fall!

So now I ask too:

What inspires YOU? 

I had an awesome time with colleagues and watching us all work hard to develop our stickers of inspiration!





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