Breaking ‘EGGS’…

   “You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs…” 


    During the weekends, some of my best time is spent on one of my favorite activities….watching Lifetime Movies! Sadly, yes this is something I enjoy but proud of it! Lifetime movies were a HUGE part of how my mom, sister, and I spend our time together after hours and hours of shopping on the weekends, growing up. So now living away from home , and ALL of my family are back in Cleveland, OH, I love to still feel that connection…

Silly to think it is through a movie channel right? Especially when the station gets such a bad reputation for affairs, male bashing, and killing. Ironically, there are still so many powerful stories of strong and determined women, with their many stories, that are so inspiring to watch.

Lifetime logo 1990s.png

One of the movies I saw today made a reference to eggs…while I love a good egg like the next person, I thrive off of a good metaphor or simile filled with deeper meanings even more. When I heard a character in the movie who was already down and out say,

 “You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs…” 

There were so many things that came to my mind in regards to all facets of life. One being, life is hard. Period. No short cuts or ways around that. Things get broken. You can try to fix them, and sometimes it’s good, while other times we fail…

I thought about in the classroom as educators. Things get broken…objects, materials, technology, pencils, even English! However, sometimes that goes for ‘broken’ lesson plans, rules, routines, time, and feelings. One concept of this ‘lifetime’ is that I learned over and over how beautiful ideas can come from broken places. Being with middle schoolers the majority of my career, I tell them all the time I know right now seems like the worst of the worst that could ever happen to you, but just wait until you run on and see what’s at the finish line ahead…It’s hard to see a child broken, right? We always want them to be whole, pure, and happy…but so much can emerge from a wound that manifests from brokenness.

All and all, LifetimeTV may  not always have the answers, or even an egg for that matter…however, I do know that some of the best omelettes are hatched from a few broken eggs….


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