Summertime…and the livin’ is Easy?!


Did Someone say Summer Break? 

Well, well here we are again…the most wonderful time of the year, and I’m not talking Christmas! I am speaking about the time of the year where the halls are quiet again, the carpet is getting cleaned, walls washed, floors waxed, and plans are rolling out for the new year to come…it is SUMMER BREAK! What music to my ears. As the close of my 10th year as an educator just happened, (which I can’t even believe!) I reflect on many awesome summer breaks. Each time I like to think about what just happened during  a school year that flew by so quickly. It is now time to learn from it, and plan for the fall…

This past year was my second term in the role as Dean of Students of Mount Vernon Presbyterian Middle School. I have learned even more round 2! I must say it was far easier in some ways, and harder in others, where as this time in most cases I had a better idea of what to do. I think it is so important to at least have the same role more than once so you know where to go and grow from there. I have served in several leadership capacities, and each one has its own growth opportunities. I am so thankful to have learned from them all and take each new discovery on to the next one…


Now that teachers have been checked out, and headed for a summer of fun and learning, it is so important to focus on US! We have to  recharge, revive, and renew our inner and outer selves. Even though I work during the summer as an administrator, I still love this time of the year. You can think and reflect more clearly on your decision making processes. You can BREATHE, and look at what worked well and what did NOT! Changes, updates, and preparations can be made, and new goals can be set. I know that the third time around will be a charm. So buckle up and get some well deserved rest everyone. We have truly earned it, and had a phenomenal 2015-2016 School year!

Blogger Challenge

In closing, we have been challenged by our Middle School leader Chip Houston to blog for the next 10 days. I have accepted this great challenge! While I have no particular overarching theme to my posts, I plan to talk about summer, engage in some reflection and goal setting, maybe even classroom set up ideas and a couple of personal experiences. Also share some thoughts on the fact that I am currently in school working on my Doctorate in education! So I plan to ‘double dip’ and post a bit on my learning, homework, and thoughts of my dissertation that will continue to take steps forward in the upcoming months…that is just how the ‘Meeting of the Minds’  BLOG goes! You never know what you’re going to get:).

So stay tuned my friends! Rest up, KEEP CALM, and let summer carry on!

Until tomorrow…







4 thoughts on “Summertime…and the livin’ is Easy?!

  1. Keep Calm, Teachers! Summer Break is ON! Love this phrase and I think it will be my new mantra! Love the blog, and looking forward to those awesome reflections!

  2. I love reading your posts and can hear your true “voice” as I read. I’m excited to learn from you. Thanks for daring to take the Blogger Challenge, Tasha!

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