ASCD Educational Leadership Conference! The ‘RIGHT-NOW’ Leader

This weekend in sunny and beautiful San Diego, CA, ASCD is holding a sold out conference of leaders from all over the country. It is so interesting to meet and see new people who work from all walks of life; especially in their educational background and experience. I have just been excited to engage in various sessions on leadership (which is a life-long passion I have) and to share/’borrow’ ideas from other leaders…

Even as tired as I am from east coast time, and a long day, I couldn’t help but want to share what great nuggets of learning I am gaining from this conference. Much of it is on my Twitter feed featured on this very page, so check it out! The main piece of insight that I walked away from day one, was being the right now leader that is on the fast track of steady leading and design with their teams. Education is evolving and we have to lead the charge to evolve with it. The great list of knowledge just goes on but here is the link to some of my notes and some pictures just from the first day.

Can’t wait for day 2! Bring it on…this leader is ready to learn!

Notes from Day 1 ASCD Leadership Conference

Some great moments at the ASCD Ed Leadership Conference in San Diego, CA!

Some great moments at the ASCD Ed Leadership Conference in San Diego, CA!

20151029_203201 20151030_081123 20151030_083924 20151030_094913 20151030_101403 20151030_101419 20151030_102356 20151030_102637 20151030_103244 20151030_104841 20151030_111838 20151030_120234


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