Share the Well….PAY IT FORWARD!

Share the Well Message to MVPS Middle School

What does sharing mean to you in your life? How often do you share? Is it a natural feeling, or something you feel obligated to do?

This week during our Chapel service I had the extreme honor to bring the message to Middle School: Share the Well! At Mount Vernon, this is one of the norms that we feel are important to our School mission and mindsets.

I wanted to make the connection to the story of the Woman at the Well that met Jesus, and had no idea who she was actually ‘sharing’ with. In John 4:1-26, this story can be explored, and we can all learn from what it means to never hesitate with whom you share…it could indeed be an Angel, or Jesus himself! I also made the connection and therefore challenged them to exercise the concept of the 14 year old movie: Pay it Forward. This classic and touching film portrayed a wonderful story of passing on love to people in need, and seeing them in that way before they even do.

The character in the film, Trevor, had the idea that one person could help 3 people…those 3 could each help 3 people, and so forth. Therefore, they are all paying it forward. I had students stand up and demonstrate what that would look like. For all of us to see that live and in person, it had such an impact. I then challenged each teacher and student in the room to pay it forward during the next 2 weeks.

I look forward to hearing about their great acts of kindness that could change the world.

Share the well…pay it forward.

Attached you will find the presentation from my message and a powerful video clip from the movie.

Feel free to take on the challenge too!

#sharethewell #payitforward


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